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May 03, 2009

Beat The Comment Record

Hey people! Please read it and do it! It's very important for fans and Tokio Hotel. You know about Stalkers, and you know about that we try to make projects! Making projects with our photos or something like that we can't have their attention, but if we do it with an important thing... Yes we can! Now we try to have more than 1.000.000 views on Ich Bin Da video, on Universal Music Channel, and maybe beat the comment record! Many fans are there, all the time commenting like a chat. All this to support them! For the moment we have 17.956 comments and 42.611 views. The most commented video have 290.517 comments! So all fans, that are bored or something... Please enter in the video and comment all time that you can! Or if you are busy, just leave one comment!! Or just make click in the video! Every click, is every number of views! So please, do something!!! Don't be lazy!! Remember:
Together We Can Make It!

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