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December 25, 2008

MTV Masters - Special MTV Germany [ 23.12.08 ] - Translation

So that no other musicians make fools out themselves here is a hot tip to
learn German.
Tokio Hotel.
Yes, you heard it right, they are getting half of Europe into learning German.
In France they already have the right book with the fitting title : "Apprendre
L'allemand" avec Tokio Hotel.
Learn German with Tokio Hotel. Brilliant.
That is brilliant.
That is amazing, you know, that is cool that art can make you do that.
You know, music, that it makes you want to go out and learn something.
It wills you, empowers you.
That is the best aspect of art.
It looks like the boys are doing a good job.
They are doing a good job, that is good.
I must be living in the dark in a cave, where I make music
and don't know anything about the outside world.
That is really cool, what kind of music do they make?
Is it hardrock?
Hardrock, nonsense..
The best exportproduct from Germany sounds like this.
Really, and they sing German??
That is great, especially while band with German lyrics have a tough time in
other countries.
That is incredible.
Don't they sing in english?
Strictly taken, they do both, english and german.
In europe they have been able to take the hurdle and landed in the
charts outside of Germany.
For the american market they have decided to record their hits in English
that worked right away.
They reached the fifth place in the American charts, had a totally Tokio
Hotel week on TRL, USA and finally at the end of their trip an award for Best
New Artist at the Video Music Awards.
Thank you soo much.
Congratulations, no other german band has ever reached this before, not
even the toten hosen (dead pants, hihi)
Yeah, but they also look good.
Too bad no one wants to see an old german punk rocker.
Besides Tokio Hotel there are ofcourse other music that the world connects
directly to Germany.

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