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December 25, 2008

Bravo nr 53 [ GE ] - Now secret plan to change their sound

Secret plan
Now they change their sound

Two years ago, Tokio Hotel have their new CD released. In spring 2009 the new album will finally arrive. And that everything will be different ...

Lang is here! In January 2007, Tokio Hotel their last album "Zimmer 483" was published.
Since the fans are waiting eagerly for new music of the Magdeburg World Stars. And is now finally in the making.
For several weeks, Bill [19] Tom [19], Gustav [19] and George [21] in Studio in Lueneburg, to join the new CD to tinker.
And this should be something else! "We try as much new," says Bill, "the motto of the work is first, reset '.
That means we are all at zero. We have all the opportunities that the music offers. Whether it is a hip-hop or dance his influence
is - everything is there. "Another surprise:" We want to communicate with many different artists working together.
We were able to by the success with so many people talking. But we want specifics not yet betrayed, "Bill grins.
"It may well be that we think they are cool. And then we learn in the studio they know and remember: It works absolutely not. "
But the guys who might have in their sights? During their U.S. Tour and in all the major award shows, they have stars
like Miley Cyrus [16], the Jonas Brothers and songwriter Ryan Tender [29] know. With the World Stars
Nicole Scherzinger [30], and Jay-Z [39] were even went out to eat with teh guys in Los Angeles.
German stars such as Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht [16] or Bushido [30; TH partied with him in the Comet Award through the night] are friends and could perhaps rap on the 3rd album rap.
"We are very picky," said George.
For the fans of the old TH-sounds but it is definitely still provide songs: "It will be something for everyone!"

With these artists could be the guys to work together:

Nena: From a duet with the pop-grandmother dreaming Bill since his childhood.

Jonas Brothers and Tokio Hotel would be a dream combo. (wtf? ehrm, more like nightmare combo - CBG's comment)

Jimi Blue is friends with Bill - he is on the new Tokio Hotel rap album?

Bushido celebrate with the guys at the Comet in Oberhausen - there's common songs?

Sarah Connor know Tom & Co. From after-show parties. As soon run more?

Ryan Tedder has offered a song for TH to write.

Jay-Z visited the TH-show in L.A.. Then went to eat with the guys.

Nicole Scherzinger and Wilson Gonzalez would certainly be hot on the new CD.

Miley Cyrus zockte with TH at the VMA's video games. It would obviously be a sensation in the duet with Bill.

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