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September 04, 2009

MTV Buzzworthy: Watch Tokio Hotel's New Interviews With MTV Germany!

MTV Germany sat down with Tokio Hotel for a brand-new interview! Because my German skills are essentially limited to "Tokio," "kinder," "Deutschland," "Sprechen sie Deutsch?" (answer: no, obviously), and whatever Google translator spits out, here's what I know:

"Science Fiction, fears, new album, cars, brides - Bill & Tom have made an issue. Here comes the interview with Germany's currently most successful international band."

+ Watch MTV Germany's new Tokio Hotel interviews, and for the love of "Schrei," please, one of you, TRANSLATE this marfar for me! My sub-par Spanish knowledge and pidgin Hebrew are of NO help. :<

PS -- After the jump, read the funniest comment I've read about the "Humanoid" album cover. Also, HOW Gwen Stefani are Bill's pants?

tokio_charlotte: I think the new album is secretly sponsored by Svedka vodka. I'M JUST SAYIN'. In all seriousness, though I love it. Totally awesome and way different from anything they've done before. (Unless you want to go all Robot - Metropolis - Fritz Lang - Ready, Set, Go, which is cool, too.)

MTV Buzzworthy

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