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August 06, 2009


Tokio Hotel's RIDICULOUSLY long-awaited next album, Humanoid, is FINALLY FINISHED. That's not to say it's READY, but it is DONE. The hold up? BILL AND TOM'S SQUEE-INDUCING IN-FIGHTING!

Bill and Tom whittled down Humanoid's potential 25 songs to 13 (what, oh what will become of those 12 songs, hm? I say Tokio Hotel fans DESERVE a bonus CD!), the Kaulitz twins have been in Los Angeles, and now Humanoid moves onto the mixing stage of its getting-borned life.

So what was it like to be IN THE STUDIO (mind... BLOWN at the prospect) with Bill Kaulitz? According to producer David Jost: "At the writing and recording sessions, his emotional extremes are his greatest asset. In the studio Bill's truth is always his last mood and his latest feeling," Jost wrote. "Sometimes Bill was entering the studio — dreaming wide awake — and then he pulled out those crumpled-up slips of paper with his song ideas on it, from various pockets and bags."

"Dreaming wide awake???" Can you EVEN?

Bill Kaulitz HIMSELF had this to say about recording Humanoid: "We have never before put so much time into an album. And although, or maybe even because we have worked on this album for so long, in some way it feels kind of strange to close it now and let it go. Now we have to prepare ourselves again to spend days and nights not in the studio any more but back in the tour bus again."

Okay. Calming. Down. Now. That's what I know. More on Humanoid at MTV News.

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