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July 03, 2009

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NYLON Mag + NIKE = colourful

NIKE is releasing a new line for their „Dunk Designs“ in collaboration with NYLON Mag. In 1985, NIKE Dunks came out for the first time and back then they were only available as basketball shoes. Seriously, these shoes are classic and now NYLON is adding another model to the existing variety. It's women only! Btw: I heard you can get them at „Urban Outfitters“ and Nike.com.


I hate it when people rip animals out of their natural habitat just for their personal pleasure and for basically locking them up like a toy at home. But I NEED to show you this – whoever doesn’t go crazy must have a heart of stone. Slow Loris are the sweetest animals on earth but that’s also why they are doomed. Please also check this page and tell everyone you know about it.

Recently at the gym...

Woho, multijobber Kanye West doesn’t sleep anymore.

08:00am: Head over to the studio to produce the latest record
12:00pm: Grab a bite to eat
12:30pm: Design sneakers for NIKE
04:00pm: Coffee break
04:30pm: Design sneakers for Louis Vuitton
09:00pm: Have dinner with Rihanna
11:00pm: Approve stage for upcoming tour
01:00am: Blog
02:00am: Shoot video for „Best I Ever Had“
07:00am: Pick up one of the extras from video shoot

Ops, it’s already 08:00am...
Well, it was worth it – see for yourself :)

Drake "Best I Ever Had" from kwest on Vimeo.

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