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July 15, 2009

BILD.de: Tokio Hotel's Star with 36 stitches.

It is a photo, that hurts...

Drummer Gustav from Germany's most succesful Rockband "Tokio Hotel"
shows Bild, how bad he got beaten up in a Magdeburger nightclub.

One guest hit the musician over the head with 2 beerbottles.
hurting him really bad.

"Gustav had to be stitched up in the hospital with 36 stitches."
the police is pressing charges for dangerous bodilyharm.

One of the witnesses who saw the attack up close early sundaymorning in
the Madgeburger disco "the Club" speaks.

"Gustav was talking to a girl": Stefan Bartel said. (name changed by the editors) "all of a sudden a few guys were standing around them.
One man with no hair on his head/bald shaved skull insulted Gustav.
another guy came to them, and hit Gustav in his face, without warning.
then a fight broke out between Gustav and the guy".

The eyewitness continues:
"the one guy let go of Gustav, then came back shortly after that from the right, and hit Gustav with the beerbottle, again without warning.
when he fell back, he got hit with the second bottle.
Gustav fell down on the floor, the attackers fleed".

"The guests in the club got nervous.
Gustav was bleeding from his head really bad, they took him to the restroom.shortly after that the police and ambulance arrived".

Chef of the club Panos Kondogtis told Bild:
"eventhough Gustav was hurt, he shook my hand and told me
that he was sorry about what had happened, but he could not help it.
he was very uncomfortable".

The motive for the fight and the attackers are still unclear.
"in this week we want to talk to 3 eyewisnesses, including the owner of the bar".'the victim will be questioned as soon as possible as well", Police spokesman Stefan Brodtruch explains.

they will also try to find out if the attack has something to do with the problems Tokio Hotel has been having with the Stalkergang from France.
The gang had attacked the mother of Bill and Tom in the spring
in front of their house.

Translated by Pat { THA Forum }

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