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July 14, 2009

BILD.de: Drummer Gustav hurt in a fight.

A nightly drama around Tokio Hotel! In a disco in Magdeburg drummer Gustav was brutally knocked down: splinters, blood, emergency doctor.

A police spokesperson: "he suffered a cutwound, that had to be threated in the hospital right away".

Gustav was partying in the night of saturday on sunday in the disco: "The Club", in his hometown Magdeburg.

At 4:10 in the morning the fight happened:
a young men (20) had quarreled with Gustav. (insulting him )
after a brawl the unknown person hit him several times with 2 beerbottles.

The bottles broke, Gustav got cut twice, one of them being a 2 to 3 centimeter long cut on the back of his head. An emergency doctor took the drummer to the hospital.

Tokio Hotel producer and manager David Jost: "Gustav was brought to the hospital at about 4:30. The cuts on his head were stitched up right away."
Gustav has already pressed charges against the unknown.

Already in april there was a scandal around the band, because Tom had hit a girl, who was stalking and fotographing Tokio Hotel.

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