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June 22, 2009

TH: Fantastic news from Tom!

We just received some amazing news from Tom Kaulitz ;-) For the last couple of days he was thinking about how to make the wait for TH’s new album more pleasant for you guys! Well, Tom always wanted to show what moves him, what he thinks is cool and what rocks his world. This is why he decided to start writing a blog here on Tokio Hotel’s homepage starting NEXT WEEK until the new album drops!!! Tom told us that he'll talk about all his interests, feature his favorite videos, gadgets, funny stuff, fashion, hot news, cool designs.... and maybe he’ll even slip in some secrets about twin brother Bill ;-) Can’t wait to read this!


imkee said...

no way man ahahahah!!
'this is tom we're just having cute time with my cute princess chantie!! She's soooo talented!! And have you checked the new album of FLIPSYDE???'

Help. -.-

Amy Allen said...

ahahah LOOL

your comment killed me xD