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June 18, 2009

News about those 2 musics.

Well, first of all, credits to Schrei Im Zimmer 483 for this post.

So, the only I've is this:

  • Those musics [ Pain of Love and The Darkside of the Sun ] are from Tokio Hotel. Martin, from Cherry Tree Records, confirmed, and said: "You can't judge TH's album on songs that have leaked that weren't finished. You'll miss out if you do. I'm telling you." . [As you can see here:]


  • The person that uploaded the two musics in Youtube, has actually posted 4 exclusive musics, and Tokio Hotel management asked him when and how did he get the musics and why did he post in the Internet.
  • Universal deleted all the videos in youtube with the exclusive songs and some downloads.
  • They say that the musics are demos, so we don't know if they are from the new album, but probably are.

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