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June 10, 2009

Examiner: Cinema Bizarre vs. Tokio Hotel

Cinema Bizarre and Tokio Hotel
Cinema Bizarre and Tokio Hotel

Based on looks alone, Cinema Bizarre and Tokio Hotel don't seem to have too many similarities besides the fact that they're two of Germany's most popular bands and both seem to share a love of Japan. Yet on websites such as YouTube, it's easy to find comments about Tokio Hotel posted on Cinema Bizarre videos, and vice versa.

Cinema Bizarre came to fame in 2007 with their song "Lovesongs (They Kill Me)". If you think they look familiar, it might be because you've been exposed to "Visual Kei", a popular and androgynous rock style started in Japan. In 2008, they embarked on their first tour in Europe. Although they haven't reached as much international success as Tokio Hotel, they toured with Lady Gaga this past year, giving America another taste of Germany's finest.

Obviously, the rise of Tokio Hotel has been fast and strong, but Cinema Bizarre is not far behind. So why are some fans of one so not into the other?

"Cinema Bizzare is definitely unique, but they are entirely too far-fetched for me," said Brittany, a huge American fan of Tokio Hotel. "If they tried out for the Beatle Juice sequel, they would all get leading roles. Tokio Hotel on the other hand is definitely unique, but all in good taste. They all have their own distinctive styles, and I feel like they appeal to a much more diverse audience. Their looks are also authentic, and they are set apart from everyone else by nature, not because it was their intentions and that makes you appreciate them even more."

Ashley, a fan of Cinema Bizarre, said, "Tokio Hotel is nothing like Cinema Bizarre. You can't compare their music, their styles, nothing. Maybe you can put Bill in a picture with [Cinema Bizarre] and he'd look like he belongs, but you can't seriously say that about the rest of [Tokio Hotel]. Cinema Bizarre look more like characters, and everything about them reminds me of The Gazette or Alice Nine. Tokio Hotel isn't bad, there's just no comparison!"

Some may or may not agree, but Monica, a fan of both bands, also had an interesting point. "I think both bands are awesome. They both have great music, they both have extraordinary styles. I think they're kinda alike only from their style, but as you hear their music you can tell the difference. I also think that they are true to their fans about their music."

Whether or not fans can agree, Tokio Hotel and Cinema Bizarre seem to have made a lasting impression. As for my opinion ... excuse me while I escape to the stars, to infinity and beyond...


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