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June 09, 2009

Download Tokio Hotel Karaoke (not official CD)

PASSWORD: elsteak

01 1000 Meere
02 Ready, Set, Go!
03 Spring Nitch
04 Reden
05 Totgeliebt
06 Ich Brech Aus
07 Rette Mich
08 Der Letzte Tag
09 Monsoon (Bass)
10 Monsoon (Drum)
11 Monsoon (Guitar)
12 Ready, Set, Go! (Bass)
13 Ready, Set, Go! (Drum)
14 Ready, Set, Go! (Guitar)
15 Monsoon (eLSTeaK Version)

1 comment:

singtothe said...

Thanks for sharing these Karaoke Downloads for Tokyo Hotel. I love singing my heart out to loads of songs and downloads allow me to quickly build up a huge karaoke base of all my favourites. I was recommended, from a karaoke event organiser Sing To The World and find their collection of downloads perfect for me.