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May 21, 2009

Tokio Hotel America: Be part of history with Tokio Hotel

Fans? Your help is needed. Tokio Hotel, currently the most important band in Germany, will play a prominent role in an upcoming exhibition being organized by The Goethe Institute. The exhibition “Pop music made in Germany for Youth”, which will go around the world for five years, will present Tokio Hotel from the perspective of fans. The idea is to show young people from all over the world the enthusiasm, creativity and love of Tokio Hotel fans, in a kind of “fan-altar” for Tokio Hotel.

So, here is how you can help and be part of Tokio Hotel history! Send your photos of your fan items, your personal fan corners to the organizers at goethepop AT googlemail.com (replace AT with @ to protect from spambots)

Here are the kinds of things they are looking for:

- Photos of your rooms with Fan-Walls/Fan-Corners
- self-made Tokio Hotel objects (pictures, collages, …)
- Letters to the band/the band
- Concert Tickets (demolished)
- Autograph Cards
- Buttons
- Poster
- T-Shirts
- Other ideas?

If the organizers will be able to use what you email to them, you will receive more information. Because the exhibition is slated to start in summer, you have to hurry!

The deadline to submit anything to them is May 29, 2009! That’s next Friday!!!

About the Goethe-Institute: The task of the Goethe Institute is to promote the German language and to improve the culture collaboration, for example, the increase in number of students learning German due to knowing about Tokio Hotel.

So…please help to make this exhibition a success and submit to them as soon as you can! Good luck!

Tokio Hotel America

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