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May 19, 2009

MTV Buzzworthy: Tokio Hotel Wins Best TRL Artist of the Year At The MTV Italy 2009 TRL Awards

Congratulazioni, Tokio Hotel! Your favorite German band won Best TRL Artist Of The Year at the MTV Italy 2009 TRL Awards in Trieste this past weekend.

Tokio Hotel beat out the Jonas Brothers (sniff!), Sonohra, Marco Carta, and hometown heroes Lost (the band, not the TV show) to win Best TRL Artist Of The Year. No, Tokio Hotel wasn’t on hand to accept the award (are you kidding? Do you really not think I wouldn’t have been WALLPAPERING Buzzworthy with new Tokio Hotel photos if the guys were there in person?), but Bill Kaulitz himself, wearing a beanie with just a few dreads peeking out and looking decidedly pixie-like (though definitely different from the look that inspired the Bill Kaulitz Buzzworthy makeover), sent a pre-recorded message. In English! With hints of Italian! Your boy speaks like EVERY language!)

Read Bill Kaulitz’s acceptance speech for the Best TRL Artist Of The Year Award — it’s no giant Premios tongue, or rollin’ deep in a monster truck (loud and dangerous wins the race!), but it’ll certainly do.

+ Plus: Check out Tokio Hotel’s H&M Fashion Against AIDS t-shirt. And, can you BELIEVE Bill made Buzzworthy’s glammest guys list?

MTV Buzzworthy

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