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January 16, 2009

MTV Buzzworthy: Bill Kaulitz Reveals ‘Wenig Mehr’ About Tokio Hotel’s New Album

Tokio Hotel fans, you’ll have to bear with my piss-poor English-to-German translation skills (or lack thereof… seriously you guys taking German have me totally trumped — my German-born paternal grandparents would be ashamed! Anyway, DANKE, Babelfish), but that headline is SUPPOSED to be “a little more.” Why? Because TokioHotelNetwork and friends got their hands on an interview Bill Kaulitz gave to French magazine Dream Up. In the interview, Bill revealed just a little more (get it? “wenig mehr”???) about Tokio Hotel’s highly anticipated new album, scheduled for release this spring.

You’ve probably already pored over the entire interview already, but on the off chance this is the first time you’ve read it, here are a few highlights:

Bill revealed that the album will be in German, with an English version, that he’s been battling his own perfectionism during the collaborative process, and that one lyric deals with home sickness. He also took on Perez Hilton’s lipsynching accusations saying: “It’s not the first time that I hear such bull about Tokio Hotel, or some other bands. We’re in the heat of things and our success elicits jealousy. And those kind of mediaflashs are part of the game. It’s a deceitful attack since the famous Perez Hilton has no proof to substantiate his accusations. Like our manager David Jost said, “The best way to form an opinion is to come to our shows and watch us play.” And we really, really rock!

Read the interview here, and tell me, what do you hope to hear on Tokio Hotel’s new album?


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