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January 10, 2009

DVD Kritik: Caught On Camera! of Tokio Hotel

Mit 'Caught On Camera!' legen Tokio Hotel ein Best Of ihrer tagebuchartigen Youtube-Clips auf DVD vor. © Universal

One can of course the four Pennäler still smile with some justification. Only one thing can not be over: the success of Tokio Hotel alone the domestic audience Teenie attribute. The young rocker quartet to the brothers Kaulitz has long been in the international music business arrived. Of course, the enthusiasm for the Teen Band about overseas is not as formidable as it is here. But to harvest them there is no significant hostile, but sometimes almost like respect. Like all young people to travel, Tokio Hotel have their exciting adventures in the world documented. Under the title 'Tokio Hotel TV' is directed specifically at Youtube a channel that is somehow as a tour diary in the form of video work. For fans certainly an exciting thing. And with 'Caught On Camera! " There is now a Best of the witty recordings on DVD.

Tel Aviv, Paris, Toronto, New York City, Geneva, Lisbon, Mexico City: The destinations can opt for a school band, God knows, not bad. With significant enthusiasm cavort through the four rooms backstage before the camera in the world - about as if they were on a very exclusive, very long trip. This has quite some charm and authenticity, unlike the acting staged adventure trips to Gokartbahnen and climbing walls. Well, the boys just want to have fun.

The question remains, however, to what extent the exploitation of the films on DVD really makes sense. The shaky, short recordings in the 4:3-create the full technical potential of the medium is not rudimentary, and overall fit much better in the spontaneous Youtube format. The only value to the well-known from the Web Clips here is retrospective of the band comments on the Shown. But such Krittelei is the true fan probably did not want.

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