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January 08, 2009

Bravo nr3 [DE]: Caught them! Now Tom wears Bill's swimmingshort!

Sunshine, beach, pure relaxation: Tokio Hotel relax during a vacation.

The Sun burns the naked skin, the turquoise ocean silently waves, and the small sandgrails tickle the soles. It would be a dream for a day, which nowadays doesn't exist in the big winter. While everybody wraps themselves in their thickest coat in Germany, and their tooth chatters, till then Bill and Tom Kaulitz (19) from Tokio Hotel, feel very well on the Maldives. Meanwhile, it became a kind of ritual, that the Tokio Hotel-Twins desire relaxation in the cold season. 8.000 km from Germany, the brothers relax at the Indian-Ocean and they enjoy the life.

But hoppla - Something is not correct! The white-blue flowery short covers Tom's shapely bottom. One year ago Bill was on holiday in the same piece on the beach of Ari-Atoll. It is the real brother love! Bill revealed in an interview: "We share everything with each other." Everything - except the love of the tattoos. "I don't disfigure my body" explicated Tom his dislike for tattoos. Anyway, his brother, Bill stands this question differently: in November was in evidence his XXL - Tattoo on his left side. On the Maldivien-beach Bill showed his newest tattooed sentences on his bust with the first time: "Wir hören nie auf zu schreien" and "Wir kehren zum Ursprung zurück."

Eye-catching that, Bill is very thin again and his ribs are visible. Opposite of him, Tom is very well-trained: his abdominal is nicely visible and his funny "bunch"- hairstyle. And it seems, Bill envied his brother's mane - he has short dreadlocks since then! Wow: he looks like a loose island-guy. Simply hot!!

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