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January 03, 2009

Bravo nr 2 [DE] - Tokio Hotel and their secret best friend

Who's for the Tokio Hotel Twins there, when the spotlights are gone? Who always stands for them, who can they entrust everything? Bravo knows...

Today Los Angeles, New York of San Francisco. Tomorrow Rome, Wien or Stockholm. And the day after tomorrow Berlin, Koeln or Muenchen. Tokio Hotel is constantly on the road. There Bill(19), Tom(19), Gustav(20) and Georg(21) get to know new people every day. They are four worldstars only on the glory. Only one stands always for them - no matter what happens: Andreas, as known as Andi. This 19-year-old from Wolmirstedt by Magdeburg is the all-time best friend of TH-Twins Bill and Tom. They can always trust him: "We've known each other for sooo long," says Bill. "Andi was already on our side, before anybody knew us. He knows everything about us. And we can tell him just about everything." They've already known each other for 7 years. "He was with us at the school in Wolmirstedt," recalls Bill. "There were not many people other than Andi, with whom we could get along well."

In opposite, Bill was dissed by many for his extreme looks. However for Andi, it was totally different! Since he was the same as them, the twins liked Andi from the beginning: "Good friends have to be similar somehow," explains Bill. "Andi is like Tom and me himself. And he has the same humor. It's very important to me that we can also laugh together." Always when the boys have a little time, they call their best friend: "We talk on phones almost everyday. I alwyas have my family and friends on phone. I always stay by my cellphone," laughs Bill. And what do they talk about on the phone? "We only talk about the Band very seldom. Most of the time we blab about private stuffs. That way we can switch off the best." Visually he fits good to Tokio Hotel with his glaring blonde hair - and he plays an instrument, too : Drum. Then he could take Gustav's place some time, couldn't he? Tom disagrees: "He's simply more important for us as the best friend..."

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