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January 05, 2009

Bild: Tokio Hotel splashes around with a mega tattoo



What’s with the hieroglyphs the half naked Bill has there on his body? Bill and Tom Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel are relaxing after a very exhausting, yet very successful year [ 3 “MTV Awards”, Echo, US tour] in their favorite vacation paradise. Lying around lazily everyday while getting baked in the sun, splashing around in the sea and simply getting away from their rock star life.

Eye-catching is: Bill’s new tattoo on the left half side of his upper body. Two sentences that entwine into one another: "Wir hören nie auf zu schreien / Wir kehren zum Ursprung zurück". The first sentence supposedly stands for Bill’s rebelling, and the second about his strong bond to his family.

This is what was written below the pictures in the article:

Below Tom’s picture: Tanned with a dreadlock bun. Tom Kaulitz gazes into the distance.

Below Bill’s picture:
Vacation on the Maldives. Bill shows off his huge tattoo on his upper body while swimming.

The BILD newspaper

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