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January 14, 2009

All-Stars [RU]: Tom Kaulitz: Fight and look for, find and re-hide!

Guitarist speaks about fans, awards, dreams, and nightmares of the band.
Tom Kaulitz: "I'm not your advice giver."

Nightmare for Tokio Hotel

"The worst concert we could ever imagine? If the people in the crowd would merely clap, but would never scream at all. We know the fans scream at concerts not because they have bad manners, but from overwhelming emotions. You catch my drift? (Laughs) There was this one concert, I remember, they started throwing batteries onstage. That also came from emotions. They need to somehow express them. Our fans are very energetic and determined. They, in general, are the best fans in the world!"

Let others dance

"I heard a rumor not too long ago, that I dance the Soulja Boy dance. I know this dance. I've seen the Youtube videos- the ones that teach and just fans doing it. But as for me, I don't dance well. This dance, especially. From one side, I'm shy and from the other, I'm not a dancer, I'm a sexy guitarist of a popular rock band. That's enough for me. Let others dance!"

"Don't teach me how to live!"

"When people ask us to give some sort of wise advice to fans, I answer: wrong address! We ourselves don't follow other peoples' advice well and we don't think we are in a position to give others advice either. Each person should live with his/her own mind and go by his/her own path. So our only piece of advice is this: don't listen to anyone's advice, of course unless you've asked."

Tom: "I barely recognize my brother when he comes out in his stage image."

"Writing songs - is an endless process. We create everywhere and all the time. Even when we ride in our tour bus. For example if I have an idea, I immediately play it to Georg. Or Bill - and ask about lyrics for the melody. Sometimes it's the other way around: he creates the lyrics, and then we write the music to the lyrics. I don't think Bill leaves his notebook and pen anywhere, EVER. What if he has a great idea! Need to be prepared."

"We in Tokio Hotel, like all kinds of different music. I doubt there is one artist or band in the world that all 4 of us would like. So in our personal music choices, we are very mixed. This is the result of our collaborative work ethic. The song is accepted only when everyone "agrees on it".

Tom is perfection

"Bad habits? Who, ME?! I don't think I have any. AT ALL! All my habits are good. However the others have some negatives. Bill for example can't sit FOR A SECOND in one place and always shakes his leg. Georg is always late."

Not for fame!

"Of course it's nice to receive awards. Especially those, which we receive due to fan voting. But honestly, we don't really trip about it. In other words, it's not like we sit and think like: what award do you think we're going to get next or how do we get it? That which we have achieved to this day has long surpassed our dreams. When we just just started practicing in our little room in Magdeburg, all that we wanted if to get a record company contract and to perform in front of people with our songs. We could have never imagined, that only in a few years we would be sharing stages with huge artists and chilling with them backstage. What awards?!"

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