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December 21, 2008

Watching a Robbie Williams concert


Gustav is sleeping? LOL

and Bill is with an attention xD


Anonymous said...

Sorry but... Tokio Hotel can just sit and watch a Robbie Williams concert... and dream to became at least 5% as big as him.


Anonymous said...

I agree with the anonymous! they can only sit watch and dream!Gustav is sleeping only cos he's dreaming lol
they are nothing compared with robbie!sorry but it's the truth, the beautiful truth!

Anonymous said...

Sorry?i'm absolutely agreed with the anonymous!!!they can only sit,watch and dream!!!shut up!!
Robbie is fantastic!!!
they would like to be as him...dream!!!Robbie the best!!!

Rui said...

Sorry but..the first from right..with dark long hair...
is a boy or a girl???
..."and here i sit in first class..fuck off sir..kiss my ass"..

RW rules!!!!


Anonymous said...

what? is a joke?

Robbie is the best, guy

MetalGirl said...

Hey girls, just look at Bill's face...it's like he would say "i'm a loser, i'll never be as Robbie!"
So shut up!