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December 25, 2008

Ultimate Guitar - The Worst Bands Of 2008

01. Fall Out Boy

02. Metallica

03. Jonas Brothers

04. Coldplay

05. Tokio Hotel (329 votes)

For those living in the United States, the force of nature that is Tokio Hotel hasn’t perhaps been fully understood. But you only need visit Sweden or Italy to witness the Backstreet Boys-meets-glam-rock hysteria existing among the kids overseas these days. It seems those of you who are extremely familiar with the Tokio Hotel rage are pretty damn disgusted.

Whether it’s because of vocalist Bill Kaulitz’s cartoonishly punk hairdo (which seems to not fit his musical style in any manner) or just the fact that screaming teen girls do tend to make up a good chunk of the band’s core fan base, there are quite a few reasons that might push Tokio Hotel to the #1 slot in a few years’ time.

Ultimate Guitar

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