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December 17, 2008

Tokio Hotel for Germany?

NDR wants the Grand Prix of internationally successful artists "as a direct send candidates. As representatives of Germany remains as the only band from Magdeburg: Tokio Hotel. Ralph Siegel also applies

A disgrace was the Eurovision Song Contest for the German participants in this year - in Belgrade landed the No Angels, from the spectators in a national audition nominated at the last place. In the coming year, the Grand-Prix-maker at number safe: Not more viewers will determine the participants, but a jury. "For 2009 we are us very aware of a break from traditional methods of the German audition," says the ARD coordinator for entertainment, Thomas Schreiber. The names of jury members want the NDR until after the decision to publish, "to possible influence from the outside to prevent," says a spokeswoman for the AZ. Professional singers, writers and composers can be obtained from the NDR to 22 January to submit songs. "We hope that a greater willingness to participate internationally successful artists, as we direct them the way to the final in prospect," says Schreiber. "Because of the NDR has been determined but someone in the eye," believes actor and Grand Prix expert Georg Uecker ( "Lindenstraße").

"Wanted is an international band. Silver Moon, July and Xavier Naidoo, but do not sell albums in Portugal. "Significant Uecker will not be. He need not, because this right is just a band left: Tokyo hotel. At the MTV Europe Music Awards were the four Magdeburg in early November even as the best live band awards. Ralph Siegel keeps the rumor by little. "It's not about the visibility," he says of AZ. "Nicole and Abba knew we might not, before they won the contest." Siegel wants himself to the Final participate: "In Moscow it to be, would be my dream. It would be definitely the last time " As a fan finds it Uecker although "a pity that there is now a Grand Prix will be broadcast less, but only without certain artists could audition to participate be moved -" without risking public humiliation, because you lose against a stranger could "Says Uecker. Or against a group of fun à la Stefan Raab and Guildo Horn. To that extent, the decision of the NDR quite rightly says Uecker. Singer Nicole, Grand Prix winner in 1982, sees things differently: "It is an incapacitation of the spectator, the GEZ fees paid," she said of AZ. "I think the public has a right to mitzuentscheiden who is the Grand Prix finals on 16th May in Moscow runs. Especially since a jury does not always meet the public taste. "And the anticipation among fans is even bigger, might even choose, says Nicole. ARD man Schreiber emphasized that this procedure with a direct candidate was an exception and will not be the standard solution. One innovation, however, remains: When finale decide the TV viewers are no longer alone, national juries have an impact of 50 percent.

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