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December 12, 2008

Popcorn - Does Bill hate his body?

Exhausted, emaciated and too much make-up! Bill hates his body?
Concern for the Tokio Hotel front man, Bill Kaulitz (19) acts expenditure-lived, sad and sick. It is said that he is addicted to be thin. How does Bill really feel? Will he hold on?

Tom worries about the health of his brother

As Tokio Hotel won "Best Live Act" in November in Liverpool at the MTV Europe Music Award it became clear to the last critics: At the band from Magdeburg no can beat, not even internationally. While record sales in the United States and England hold themselves within limits, the guys draw all eyes on themselves and provide for each gig fan hysteria. Tokio Hotel - the shining victor in the pop-band Olymp!

Peace, joy, omelette to the outside, but inside makes sobering wide. Looking behind the facade, Tokio Hotel prevails with stress and pressure. The band travels around half the world so fast that it makes you dizzy. Above all Bill pays the price for this - with his health. The last pictures are shocking: He is pale, his eyes are tired and dull, his face despite the thick paint looks hard and his body is thinner than ever. It's frighteningly how bony Bill has become! Supposedly he only weights 45 kg.
Rumors making the rounds, Bill is addicted to be thin, he hates his body and conceal it with a lot of makeup and funky outfits. Remarkably: Even on vacation at the beach Bill does not take off his clothes, while Tom is in the sun with his well trained body.

When the cameras are turned off, Bill has angst, is tired and sad. Little sleep, poor nutrition, constantly on the move and eternal deadline pressure - the Stress finishes him off, Bill suffers from severe homesickness. He longs for peace, love and affection, for a shoulder to which he can lean on, for someone who can take him into their arms.
POPCORN-psychologist Hannes ****enaber: "The lack of security is the reason why he cannot love himself. In flagrant cases this lead to anorexia or bulimia!"

How really sick is Bill? Only only he himself knows The worst: In 2009 the stress will go on even the vacation of three weeks in the caribbean at the end of the year is not going to change that. The new album is still a long way in the box, the record was postponed again - now the CD will appear in March. Then it's time for a major world tour.
If Bill will last t physically and mentally?

Pics captions:
At the MTV Awards in Liverpool - Bill is like a wax figure.

Afraid to show his body: While Tom tans his naked body on the Malibu Beach, Bill lies with his clothes.

The face pale, haggard cheeks, his eyes cloudy - Bill looks like a ghost.

Tom is hitting on Pussycat

They capture the USA by storm and they also win the US girls hearts. At a party even Nicole Scherzinger was interested. The as womanizer known Tom showed here a lot of style. When he met the beauty he intrduced himself properly lift his hat and then he moved with Bill and Nicole to a corner(correct translation???). "I let hang out the charmer", Tom explains mischievously.
If it worked? "My cellphone # and her I phone are already together."

"Your clothes would look really good on the carpet in my bedroom. "

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