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December 31, 2008

FR-online: Gérard Depardieu likes TH!

Take the music for example, there’s a lot going on. The young French are crazy about the German band Tokio Hotel. I find that extraordinary. And it doesn’t matter whether one finds the music silly or not.

What do you think about Tokio Hotel?

I think, we should never look down on the apostle of teenagers. Tokio Hotel sing in German, and there are many young French, who now learn German only because of Tokio Hotel.

The Goethe Institute in Paris reported recently a rush to its German courses, as a result of the mania around Tokio Hotel.

There you are! That's great, because there’s something going on. For young people that are those moments that change their life. And that confuses the adults. The chef of one of my restaurants has a daughter who is crazy about Tokio Hotel. And that scares him. I always try to reassure him: "Let them, that's good, this way they learn German."

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