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December 13, 2008

Devilish interview

In 2002 a camerateam visited a childrensband in loitsche.
Back then they were still called devilish and they practised in the basement at
the house of bill and tom.
And now everyone knows who we are talking about because this band
turned into Tokio Hotel.

That is Tom, his name is Georg, and here is Gustav.
And his name is Bill. together they are Devilish from Magdeburg.
Devilish rockmusic, handwritten and selfmade.
There are a lot of bands like this , but these boys have 2 special things.
First, they are making music while being very young.
Second, their frontman Bill is a little star.
He participated in the tv show Starsearch.
He competed against thousands of other people and made it all the way
to the quarter final.
Nobody expected he would come this far.

Bill: "It was totally cool.
Even though I had to leave the competition the memories are going to
stay. All the people, it was really nice, to work with them and the vocal coaches
it was really great".

After Bills performance in the show a few things have changed.
He now gets recognized and people ask for autographs.
It is a positive thing for the band, Bill's popularity is making the band
more famous.
The website of Devilish is clicked on 10 times more often then before.
Big recordcompanies have shown interest, but they won't reveal anything more.
What they want to reach is clear.
Gustav: "A record deal. To get to where we will get noticed and maybe
that someone will get interested in us.
I think that is the wish we all have. That is what we aim for".

After Starsearch he gets back to concentrating on the band
They have 8 of their own songs. And they have their own cd.
Rockish and sensitive songs which fit into the category independant rock.
"Lebe die sekunde" is one of their favorite songs
Sometimes they have different opinions and especially Tom and Bill, the twins,
have a lot of disagrements.

Tom: "Sometimes it is about starsearch, when we have different opinions.
But that is okay, it is nothing serious.
Let's just say, it is easy to forget about it".

On september 20 they have their next big performance.
Then it is the final of the musickids in magdeburg.
Who wins there is one step closer to fame.
And maybe then Bill & co will be on the stages on which rolemodel Robbie Williams
used to stand.

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