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December 17, 2008

Cotonete - Special Interview with Tokio Hotel

Tokio Hotel are one of the biggest phenomenon in the pop/rock music of the last years. The German group has a unshakeable fan base and always growing up, in the whole planet. Bill and Tom Kaulitz, Georg Listing and Gustav Schäfer are the band that have been giving to the world hits in German and English like "By Your Side", "Ich bin Nicht Ich", "Scream", "1000 Meere" or the biggest one "Monsoon".
Tokio Hotel already annouced the release of the next album for the next year, they released now a DVD calles "Caught On camera". To make notice in the best way the edition of this regist of the band that you can't loose, Cotonete and Universal gave a unique oportunity to the fans of the band!

We received thousand ans thousands of questions, but unfortunatly, we couldn't make all fans win. In this way, we choose the following questions, with the answers of the band too and this will be the fans that will receive a T-shirt of Tokio Hotel!

A live show involves a lot of emotions and feelings, still what is the most important moment of a show for you guys?
Ana Mendes, Pedroso - Portugal
Bill: The moment when you walk on stage – that’s the moment where you get the first reaction and feedback. That’s when you immediately know if that show will be a great show

What was the most stressful situation you ever experienced live on stage?
Daniela Marques, Ribeirão Preto – SP - Brazil
Bill: For me personally it was the situation during our last European tour when I recognized that’s something wrong with my voice. That was terrible. But as you know we might be the most nervous band in the world before we go on stage. We go crazy and it’s every time the same, cause you don’t know what will happen when you go out there – (laughing) it’s like a blind date, every night.

Have you ever thought on performing in an African country?
[/i]Jacqueline Jenice de Oliveira Azize, Maputo - Mozambique[/i]
Tom: We would love to play everywhere, so it would be definitely great to perform there aswell.

Would you like to spend your holidays in Portugal someday? And if so, where?
Cátia Sofia Nunes Fernandes, Pinhal Novo - Portugal
Tom: We love Portugal very much. But when it comes to vacation we all love very small, very lonesome islands, where the sun is always shining and where it’s always warm - far away.

For someone who has it all, what do you still need to be happy?
Telma Sousa, Albufeira - Portugal
Bill: All you need is your family and good friends to be happy. And, if you are really fortunate, the love of your live of course!

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