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December 18, 2008

Buzzworthy’s S*** We Wanna Get: Tokio Hotel ‘Grosses Kino’ Shoes & Programmable Watch!

Next up on our we’ve-been-good-so-give-us-stuff holiday list: two items perfect for the Tokio Hotel fan on your list — namely, yourself.

Chinese brand Ospop — the name stands for One Small Point of Pride — is the braintrust behind the Tianlang trainers shown above in Carbon. The red symbol on the hi-tops is the Chinese character “Gong,” which means “labor” or “work,” but it also looks a lot like the logo of your favorite band, does it not? The obscenely comfy sneaks are perfect for hopping out of helicopters (I mean… don’t try it at home — just watch “Monsoon” instead!), riding monster trucks, standing in line for shows, and writing angry letters to Perez Hilton. They’re $76, and part of the proceeds go to a scholarship fund in Wen County, where the shoes are made. Ready? Set? Buy ‘em online!

Okay, first, that is NOT my hand (it’s Daniel’s, if you were wondering), but it IS an O.D.M. “Mysterious” watch, and you can program it to say ANYTHING you want. So I took the opportunity to exercise some creative license, and I programmed mine to say to “Tokio Hotel Fur Immer.” And, because it’s made of magic (and rubber), when you flick it, it switches back and forth between the personalized TH message and the date and time. It’s like major grosses kino for your wrist! Get your own for $115. And if all that’s too much for you to deal with, just learn to tell time in Japanese for $19 with Fred Flare’s talking watches. Or, get one for Bill, because he looks kinda mad (and bad-ass) in that photo.


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