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December 20, 2008

Bravo DE nr 52: Do they cheat their fans?

If this story is true, it could end their carreer.
Tokio Hotel didn't play live at their shows in the USA, but did playback.
Atleast that is what the influential US-rubbisch king Perez Hilton
is saying on his internetblog, which is clicked on my hundredthousands
on a daily basis.
Have Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav betrayed their fans?
On the internet forums, things are getting heated.
Alot of fans are disapointed and can not believe it,
"Why would Bill do something like that"?,
"He has such a great voice".
Playback was not necessary, Bloggerin Beatlesownyou writes.
Others make fun of the german rockstars.
"They suck! they didn't deserve their awards".
Or "I am not surprised that these girls can't sing".

Their festival performance in Phoenix, Arizona was clearly only playback.
You can see that on the instructions on the setlist for the sound-technician,
On there it says between the songs: talk to audience, RF main.
That could mean that Bill's microphone is only on to talk , but not during the songs.
Fans, who were at the concert in Phoenix say:
"Bill didn't sing live, of that I am sure", a girl writes on the internet.
Playback in the states is a total taboo!
Stars normally perform live, always, even on TV shows.
Bravo have followed Tokio Hotel since the beginning of their carreer
and have experienced their concerts and the boys concerts have always been live and they rocked!
Bandmanager David Jost tells Bravo:
The band has been playing their a**es off for years and completely live!
Everyone who has ever been to a Tokio Hotel concert knows that!
But if the americans believe him??

Then next to bill's head the text says: "did they do playback to rest bills voice?"

small photo:
"untill now Tokio Hotel has been succesful in the USA, now it is seriously in danger".

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