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September 27, 2008

Lead singer of Tokio Hotel sayd that he doesn't kiss a girl for 3 years

Berlin, 25 Sept (EFE) - Vocal and lead singer of the german band Tokio Hotel, Bill Kaulitz, is sad because he doesn't kiss a girl for three years, said him at the last german magazine "Bravo".

"This really makes me saf. I've 19 years old and I really miss that", says the teenager idol of everyone, famous for make-up, paint the nails black and have the huge hair.

The young man, who has already told that magazine that he was without a girlfriend for 2 years, admits that he has no luck since then.
Bill says that he can't keep a long relationship.

Apparently, the huge mundial success as singer - his band won the principal award of the MTV Video Music Awards to a german band - wich didn't contribute to make the situation get better and he says he feels "alone".

"I would like to have a girlfriend to share my life with", says Bill, and admits that, has Tom by his side, the brother is twin and co-creater of the band, doesn't take the melancholy that he feels.

Bill and Tom created the band Devilish, in 2001, with Gustav Schäfer and Georg Listing, but they changed the name to Tokio Hotel in 2003.

The four young man are really famous in Germany since they released thet first album, "Schrei" (=Scream), in 2005, which was imported by the international merchandize, while in the german language countries, they out their second album, "Zimmer 483" (=Room 483), which is on the best saled albuns.

Tokio Hotel, performed in June at Rock in Rio Madrid, will performe also at the MTV Latin America, which will be in October 16th at the mexican city Guadelajara.

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