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September 27, 2008

Buzzworthy Frequent Commenter Tokio_Charlotte's Favorite Unofficial VMA Couple

One of my very favey Buzzworthy commenters/ frequent “first”ers is tokio_charlotte, who, like me, likes Tokio Hotel, thumbdrives (I have a preposterous amount of them and just got a Little Britain one in the mail this morning. yay!), nail polish, and, most importantly, the Internet. But I also like her for reasons less selfish than the fact that we share the same impeccable taste. I also <3 tokio_charlotte because she emailed me an excellent rundown of her most favorite unofficial couples of the 2008 VMAs. And all she got was a lousy Moonman t-shirt. Thanks again, Charlotte! Take it away…

Top of the list: Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus. Sure, Travis McCoy has dibs on Katy romantically, and Miley hates (and likes) “7 Things” about someone who may or may not be Nick Jonas, but Katy and Miley take the prize for Cutest Unofficial Couple. Katy and her mysterious “Special Guest” were all smiles and “feud? what feud?” on the red carpet. Though Katy did not get a taste of Miley’s vanilla ChapStick® this time around, the fact that they both lost out to Tokio Hotel for Best New Artist can’t hurt future chances. (I wouldn’t expect more MyCy/TH Rock Band sessions anytime soon, unfortunately).

Second up is Tom Kaulitz and Nicole Scherzinger. Though this couple only exists in Tom’s dreams, Nicole’s gush about Tokio Hotel at the VMAs post-show says she’s not exactly creeped out by his crush. Don’t know if Tom’s dream of a Tokio Hotel/Pussycat Dolls tour will happen, but let’s not rule anything out.

And the third cutest couple? Maybe-Not-So-Crazy-Anymore Britney and her Moonman(s)! Girlfriend went from trainwreck “OMG did you see her” — in a bad way — to dazzling “OMG did you see her” — in the best way. Best Female Video, Best Pop Video, Video of the Year, and Most Searched Person? Love it. Here’s to hoping that things continue on the up on and up, and that next year’s VMAs are going to be even better.

Credits to MTV Buzzworthy

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Anonymous said...

the best part of the VMA's was Kanye West's performance at the end... the worst part was the host (what's with the accent?)